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New Year Day
Kartak sud ekam is known as the New Year day. If the morning of this day is good, it is said that the whole year is good. This day is considered as a holy day.
This day is also known as "Balipraida Day". King Bali, the grandson of Pralahada, and the son of Virochana, learned all the evils from his father and preached and promoted anti-God ideas and thoughts. Aditi, with the blessing of Kashyap, had a son called Vamana. Vamana preached religion and convinced people about god and his thoughts, and good culture. Hence, he defeated King Bali and won and put the king in prison. The good won over the evils and hence the name "Balipratida Day".
Kansa, the maternal uncle of Krishna; imposed in his kingdom to worship only Lord Indra. Anyone who would worship and other lord will be killed. Lord Krishna, convinced people that their lives were saved by Govardhana parvata and not Indra and hence they should worship "Govardhana" and the people believed him. This was the start of a revolution and now Kansa knew that he would be defeated as people are against him. Hence, on this day due to love for Lord Vishnu (Krishna), we have "The Govardhana Utsava" and the "Annakut".
On this day, it is implied that we should forget all evils, prejudices, fights and quarrels and start all over again with love and happiness and peace with everyone. Hence we go to each other’s house and wish Happy New Year and greet with sweets.
On this day, good Determinations must be made and we should see to it that this determinations and also imposed and implemented.
May God help us to implement the good desires.
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