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Kali Chowdas
This is a day for worshipping the Goddess Mahakali ------- "The Goddess of Power."
Power is grouped into four types. This means that physical power is also emphasized and asked for in our Hindu religion.
1. Power used for harassing others (sadists)-- Aashakti
2. Power used for self-only -- Shakti
3. Power used for helping and doing work for others-- Kali
4. Power used for doing God's work -- Mahakali
Duryodhana used his power for self and sadistically; i.e. with ‘ aashakti and Shakti ‘, Karna used his power for others (Duryodhana) i.e. in the form of ‘kali’ but still his motive was bad i.e., to help the evil, and Arjuna used his power for God's work i.e. the real use of physical power as ‘Mahakali’. These three characters are excellently described by Vedvyas.
Kalichaudas is also known as "Narak Chaturdashi". King Narkasura used to haress people and used to kidnap young girls and keep in his prison. He kidnapped 16,000 young girls and Lord Krishna killed him; hence the celebration of Kalichaudas.
Though there were many learned and holy people in Dwarka, it was looted by the Muslim King. This is because they lacked the physical power to protect the right, which is also required.
A person’s body should be fit and healthy. One should not suffer from any diseases. For this he must have a regular pattern of life, and must have good exercise. A half an hour of exercise is sufficient to make the body fit. Imagine you have a lot of money but you suffer from breathlessness due to respiratory disease, then you cannot enjoy the top of the hill!! It is said “To cultivate first class brain in a third class body is a crime and waste of national health.” We should make a law that I will only take breakfast after I play half an hour of tennis or finish my exercise. Suryanamaskar (praying to the Sun) in a particular exercise is found to be both helpful for physique and for spiritual aspect. It is said by the old saying that ‘health is wealth’.
To enumerate, six things are required for a good physique.
Tolerance: The body must be able to tolerate hardships, even in bad days. Let the children enjoy and dance in the first rains this will strengthen the body. Let the student life be full of some hardships. This makes them a tough man when grown up.
Regularity: Regular habits make the body strong. One must be regular in the time of eating, must have a nutritious and balanced diet, must have regular sleeping and waking up habits, and must have regular exercises and working pattern. This makes the body strong and tough and maintains physique.
Exercise: This is an essential part to have a good physique. Exercises must be imposed upon one’s self. Say, we must perform “suryanamaskar” which is an exercise and a prayer to “Suryadev”. Make a pledge that if without going to the temple situated about four to six miles, I will not take my breakfast or tea. This will impose one’s self to walk. If an exercise is performed just like that, there is a chance that one might just skip it due to a late night party or lack of sleep or even rains. Hence, impose yourself for the exercise.
Targets of life: The aims and targets of life must be fixed. This will have a well-directed labour and will build your body and avoid fatigue.
Controlled "Bhogs" (worldly pleasures): If a person eats 10 pizzas or 30 Gulabjambuns, he is bound to develop indigestion or may fell ill. If you see three or four movies a day, what will happen to your body and eyes? They are going to get fatigued! Hence, enjoy the worldly pleasures, but in a limit.
Work of interest: The work, which you do, must interest you. This should be form ‘within you’. Say, looking or watching a drama is a pleasure for a spectator, but is a tedious labour for the person who performs it repeatedly, and generates fatigue in him, as he performs the act by imposition. Hence, take interest in the work you do and make it interesting.
May the Goddess Mahakali bless all of us!!
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