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Shree Umiya Mataji Mandir
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Hindu God Deities
The relationship of Radha and Krishna is the personification of love, passion, and devotion. Radha’s love for Krishna symbolizes the soul’s intense longing and willingness for the ultimate unification with God. She is the undivided form of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is not only the ultimate object of all love, but also is the topmost enjoyer of all loving relationships. He has unlimited desires to enjoy spitural loving relationships of pastimes, known as leela. He expands himself into the dual form of Krishna and Radha, his eternal consort and topmost devotee.
Radha Krishna
Parvati is the Hindu goddess. She is known as Shakti, the wife of Shiva. Parvati is considered as complete incarnation with all other goddesses being her incarnations or manifestations. She is the goddess of power. She is the one who gives life energy to all beings and without her all beings are inert. Parvati is also the mother of god Ganesha (Ganpati).
Shiva is a major Hindu deity. He is considered as the Destroyer or Transformer among the Trimuti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. He is regarded as the most powerful god in Hinduism. Shiva is seen as the Supreme God and has five important works: creator, preserver, destroyer, concealer, and revealer (to bless).
Shiva Parvati
Ganesha is one of the most popular deities in the Hinduism. He is closely associated with the daily lives of millions of Hindus each day. He is known to be the remover of obstacles he is propitiated before the beginning of any new venture. He is also known as the god of wisdom and prudence. Ganesha’s physical characteristic of the elephant head makes him easy to identify. His parents are Shiv and Parvati. He is honored at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies to prevent any obstacles.
Hanuman is another deity of his physical characteristics of an animal. He is loved all over India as the monkey-god who so faithfully served Ram in his war against Ravan, the demon king. He is believed to be the avatar of Lord Shiv. He is worshipped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. The character of Hanuman teaches us of the unlimited power that lies unused within each one of us. Hanuman directed all his energies towards the worship of Lord Rama and his undying devotion made him such that he became free from all physical fatigue.
Lakshman was the brother and close companion of Ram and himself a hero in Ramayana. Lakshman is considered to be an avatar, in a secondary form to Ram’s main appearance. Lakshman is revered for his absolute devotion to Ram. His performance of his duties as a younger brother is considered to be a sacrifice and superiority of character as such duties are especially hard to do in adverse conditions. Lakshman’s life symbolizes the duties of a man to his elders and superiors, and how grealy valued is selflessness in a man’s character.
Ram is the seventh form of God Vishnu in Hinduism and he is the king of Ayodha. Ram’s life and journey is one of perfect adherence to dharma (natural law) despite harsh tests of life and time. He is pictured as the ideal man and the perfect human. For the sake of his father, he abandons his claim to the throne and lives and exile for fourteen years. His brother Lakshman and wife Sita join him in the forest. While there Sita gets kidnapped by Ravan. Ram’s life and journey in finding his wife Sita signifies unending compassion, courage and devotion to religious values and duty.
Sita is known as the avatar of goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and wife of Vishnu. She is esteemed as a standard-setter for wifely and womanly virtues for all Hindu women. Sita is known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage and purity.
Lakshman Ram Sita
Umiya Mata is the deity worshipped by lakhs of Kadva Patidars spread across the world. She is the consort of the Mighty Shivashankar and the daughter of Parvatraj Dakhsa. She is the supreme power ‘Shakti’ and is also the mother of the Ganesha.
The word Umiya is derived from the word Uma, meaning mother. She sits in the main temple of Unjha and is worshipped by her sons and daughters across Gujarat and World. She is worshipped in various forms, the most popular form is of “Parvati” and she is also known as Nav Chandi or Nav Durga due to the nine forms popularly worshipped.
Umiya Mataji
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