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Dhan Teras
In Christianity it is said, “A camel can pass through the eye of an needle but a wealthy man can not reach Heaven.” However, Hinduism does not uphold this view. In fact, Hinduism considers rich or the wealthy people as devotees of God who have done a lot of “God’s Work” in the past lives, and who are getting the fruits of their past work in the form of wealth. Though, it is true that after having wealth, a person is more likely to get distracted to worldly temptations and may forget God’s work.
Many a times, it is said, “Laxmi is chanchal (fast moving) and cannot be stored. This view also does not hold true. Let us understand what Laxmi means. What could be the different forms of wealth?
The different form of wealth can be understood by the way it is earned. It is said that without money a person cannot do anything. Whatever is left after which I spend is money. It should be earned in a proper way without cheating anyone. Many a times we say that I don’t cheat but we often do. If we are supposed to take a particular amount from a person in business; we many a times overcharge the person. This is also cheating or not pure money. If a person does a job of seven hours instead of the designated eight hours and takes full pay, this is also not proper earning. This improper way of earning may be called Vitta or Alaxmi. Money earned by my basic ‘dharma’ and my fullest ability of work is pure money. This form of money is called Laxmi or Mahalaxmi.
Money can also be classified by the way it is used. If it is used for an antisocial or illegal work, it is called ‘Alaxmi’. If you spend money for your own self it is called ‘Vitta’, if you spend money for someone else then it is called ‘Laxmi’ and if you spend money for God or his work, it is called ‘Mahalaxmi’. The common saying that money does not stay is true for Alaxmi and Vitta. Many a times we are afraid that by spending money, the capital will decrease. It is never so with Laxmi or Mahalaxmi. In fact, they increase while you spend and will never get over.
To summarize, the money, which we have, is divided into four parts.
(1) Money earned by bad ways and used for bad ways--Aalakshmi
(2) Money only used for self is called--Vitta
(3) Money used for others purpose--Lakshmi
(4) Money used for the purpose of God--Mahalakshmi.
Aalakshmi and Vitta are chanchal or are lost easily and not stable. In fact, Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi multiply if used in the real sense as they promote God's work. And they never leave you, provided you understand and analyze your wealth in a proper fashion. In fact, it is this Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi, which we pray and ask for the blessings.
God bless all with eternal Mahalakshmi
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